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Hajduk Macron

A new home shirt: for a new and better planet

HNK Hajduk Split and technical sponsor Macron, have presented the new home shirt that the “Bili” will wear next season. The use of high-performance and Eco Fabrics, research and attention to design of Italian brand, with their technological and stylistic innovation and customised graphics, result in a jersey that best expresses the history and identity of the Club.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

Home jersey

The new home shirt is made from 100% recycled plastic, certified by the Global Recycled Standard and to be more specific, it takes 13 PET bottles to make one shirt. The front of the jersey is embellished with Eco performance jacquard, a new highly technical Macron fabric that follows the concept of "body mapping". The fabric has perforations in the areas where the athlete usually sweats the most, forming a graphic effect that resembles an "armour".

In addition, the new home shirt comes with knitted edges on the neckline and sleeves, further enriched with fine red and blue stripes. The back neck is customised with a label featuring the logo and colours of Hajduk Split together with the words ”Hajduk živi vječno”, also embroidered in grey italics on the outer back neck. On the chest, in blue silicone print, stands the Macron Hero, while on the left, heart-side, the shield of Hajduk Split.

The new home kit is completed with the new blue short and socks. Shorts comes with the red details on the back, while socks comes with the white details and „hajduk“ lettering on the back.

Hajduk & Macron, for a new and better planet!

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

Away jersey

The new Away shirt has a crew neck and red-blue vertical lines shown through a „marker effect“ on the front and back of the shirt. A silicone printed white Macron Hero, the logo of the Italian brand, occupies the right chest, thus leaving the left, heart side, to Hajduk Split crest.

The backneck is personalized with an internal white label with a blue and red stripe, the club logo and the words HAJDUK ŽIVI VJEČNO (Hajduk lives forever). This motto is also repeated in acronym form (HŽV) in the embossed print on the external collar. Mainly realized in Softlock, the shirt has a slim fit cut and micromesh inserts that guarantee the garment's perfect breathability.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

To complete the Away kit, Macron designed blue shorts featuring white drawstrings and socks with white Macron Hero on the front, and „hajduk“ on the back.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

A golden shirt to celebrate 110 years of history

To mark the 110th anniversary, HNK Hajduk and their technical sponsor Macron, the leading international company in teamwear manufacturing, have unveiled today a new special shirt that will celebrate the history and identity of the Club, as well as the honor of wearing it, on and off the field.

The special 110-year shirt is all golden, with golden crew neck. The backneck’s personalization is a tribute to the Club’s birthday, featuring the crest and the occasional mark of the years 1911-2021. On the front of the shirt, there are three golden tone on tone vertical bands with thin diagonal lines. A silicone printed black Macron Hero, the logo of the Italian brand, occupies the right chest, thus leaving the left, heart side, to Hajduk Split crest. A customized tape runs along the bottom of the shirt with a repeated Club motto „HAJDUK ŽIVI VJEČNO“ (Hajduk lives forever). An acronym of the motto, „HŽV“, also appears in embossed graphic, tone on tone, on the back collar.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

The special anniversary kit for Hajduk is completed with golden shorts featuring white drawstrings and golden socks featuring white upper band, the Macron Hero on the front, and the acronym „hžv“ on the back.


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